Everyone is LOVING the Pamela Betti Band…You will too!

“Can this lady sing! A true asset to the Long Island Blues community!” -Long Island Blues Society

“The show is wonderful. The Korean people love you” -Jitaeg Jeong, Warner Music Asian Division

“I swear that woman has a microphone in her bosom!” – Sam “Bluzman” Taylor

“Girl, you got it!” -Kim Wilson, The Fabulous Thunderbirds

“You something else girl You sound great!”-Eddie Kirkland

Last time was at the Riverhead Blues Fest and you rocked the house. PS you were the only one who got the applause to the max and an encore.Rock on Sista : Mary Ellen-Newsday

You know you are the best, right? Your voice was perfect, as usual, I still don’t believe how STRONG it is. Wow. Good luck in Memphis! If they have any taste, you will be coming home with the trophy!!   Love, Eileen-Rabid Fan

Hey, it was great to see you at Phase One. You look great (that lucky husband of yours!). I have to tell you, Pam, you are one of the most talented people I have ever met, and a personal fave.  I really considered it an honor to have played with you a bit. You are not just a talented musician, but an especially talented performer. Wishing you the best on your cd and tour…but I don’t think you’ll need any luck. Very, very happy for you and your success, girl. Go get’m,- Chuck Russell Mamafunk and the Mudcats

Pam, The show was great – Frank was really good, and Sam was even better, but you were incredible. I love when you scream like Janis, but I now think that I enjoy your sweet songs even more. That Angel from Montgomery song, whatever its name is, was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. Thanks for a nice night. Bob-Your Biggest Fan

Thank you for putting on such a great performance! You have a fantastic voice and great stage presence. I will definitely be back to see more of your shows. Take care,-Raoul

Drinks are on me!!! All night!!! Hide the bottle of grand Mariner lol Your a pro baby one of the best, I love having you in my bar!!!
Best wishes, Brian-Katies of Smithtown

Hey Pam its Tyler from the other night at the St.James tavern. I have to say again and I’m sure your sick or hearing it from everyone, but you have one of the best voices I’ve ever heard. I’m honored that you want me to play with you.. any ways like I said I’m really looking forward to playing..xoxoTyler

A fantastic entertainer and powerful singer. No pretense, just gutsy, heartfelt, pure woman.
Light your smoke or kick your ass, you pick.-Jim “Josy Wales”

You are a fabulous talent and a wonderful person and I’m very very happy for you !!-Joe DeMaio-A Cut Above Band

“Pamela Betti takes the bands distinctive sound to it’s highest level with her amazing vocal ability and dynamic stage presence-“Joan Travan, Joan’s View,  The Medford News

“You can really blow girl! Keep on singing!”-Val Thomas Little Buster and the Soul Brothers